The Story of “Beyond Worthy”

It started as an Instagram post, “You are beyond worthy of this life.” And led to over 100 girls writing the words on their arms.

You are beyond worthy of love.

You are beyond worthy of healing.

You are beyond worthy of your dreams.

You are beyond worthy of happiness.

There are a million reasons why you are beyond worthy. 

In a time when many are feeling heavy, we need lightness. We need affirmation and truth. We need love and generosity. We need to come together and wrap our words around our hearts. We need each other.

I created a bracelet to spread this message further. My mission is to always remind people of the importance of their existence. 

It would mean so much if you’d support me on this journey of mine and give a bracelet to a loved one. Or yourself because you’re beyond worthy, too.

My hope for this bracelet is you look down and find comfort and loving energy in the truthful words. A constant reminder, ever present, but also subtle.

Thank you for your love and support.

Touching one soul at a time. That’s the goal, forever.

With Love,


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